Check out coupons from any device on the go.
Simply scan the barcode.

After opening the app, you can scan the coupon using the built in back camera on your device. Then, you will receive a summary based on the barcode. Coupon Barcode Decoder App © is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with rear camera.

Coupon barcodes contain embedded information.
Knowledge is savings.

Scan barcodes and view important embedded information. This information can help you find whether multiple coupons can be used. It tells you what valid product families are eligible for the savings because sometimes similar products can be substituted. Even purchase requirements and expiration dates are available.

Learn how coupons work.
And how retailers interpret them.

Information on the UPC-A and Databar Extended barcodes are available from inside the app. These are the most common barcodes used by the coupon distribution companies.